Apolis Media is a vertically integrated production company focused on finding unique perspectives throughout all aspects of media. We strive to provide aspiring artists with the resources they need to reach new audiences and achieve their full potential. We're proud to offer our clients a diverse and complete range of services which enables us to handle any manner of production.

Our Story

About us

Apolis Media was founded in October of 2010 with the vision of creating a new style of collaborative production development. Its goal: to provide burgeoning artists in the film and music industry with a platform through which to connect and collaborate with one another on independent projects.

Over the past year we have expanded our operations and now have representation located throughout the Boston, New York City, and Chicago metropolitan areas. Meanwhile, we forge ahead establishing partnerships with production companies in those areas. To ensure that our services can be reliably delivered to clients, Apolis prides itself on maintaining a strong operational infrastructure. To that end, Apolis currently has three full-time employees located throughout these regions to manage ongoing operations, and furthermore has access to 200 reliable contractors to provide support as needed on any project. Today, the portfolio of services offered by Apolis has expanded greatly to include the production of short films, feature length films, documentaries, and music videos, as well as live event photography and videography, music production, sound design, and animation. Our experience in providing a full range of production services has also given us unique insight into the full range of challenges that are faced by our clients, and also with emerging artists, thereby allowing us to better serve everyone by tailoring our approach to their individual needs.

Using its wide range of production capabilities, Apolis has been able to earn a number of significant accomplishments despite its relative infancy as a company, including an award at the Short Film Corner at Cannes. As a whole, Apolis aims to be the best in commercial and creative work, for our clients and our talent.

The Team

  • Asad Hussain


    Asad is a Chicago native with a life-long goal of becoming a doctor. His interest in film grew in 2006 while he was living in New York City. There he met an ambitious group of students at the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU with a passion for making films. Through them, Asad quickly realized how much he enjoyed interacting with other fimmakers, and proceded to found a small production company. With each film, he became increasingly fascinated with the intricacies of production.

    Although Asad would move to the Boston area in 2008 to prepare for medical school, his love for film continued to play a large role in his life. His experience producing short films while living in New York inspired him to lend his film-making and producing skills to larger-scale projects over the years. In the end, he met a group of like-minded local artists whose combined efforts would culminate in the formation of Apolis Media.

  • Zach Dries


    Zach Dries has always focused on being, above all else, a great story teller. Throughout his childhood he spent most of his time buried in his imagination until he found the proper outlet. He began studying film at the age of sixteen and absolutely fell in love with it. Through studying both acting and the technical aspects of media production, Zach has become a firm believer in building engaging and relatable content that will leave the audience with not just a video, but an experience

  • Abbas Jaffer


    Abbas is a native of Chicago, but has called Cambridge, MA home for several years. He has over five years experience in fundraising and program development in the private and nonprofit sectors. Abbas has known Asad since before they learned to walk, and he eagerly jumped at the opportunity to oversee Apolis' client acquisition and investor funding. Abbas loves film and music to his core; he once watched over two hundred movies during a fateful summer in college. He also studies the intersection of media, youth and culture as a graduate student in anthropology.

  • Lipica Shah

    Artistic Consultant

    Lipica Shah is a New York City-based actress with an affinity for collaborative work (both on-screen and on-stage) and an insatiable appetite for knowledge of the world at large. She is a graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts Drama Department, where she studied with Stonestreet Studios and Playwrights Horizons Theater School. Today, Lipica is proud to be signed across the board with Bloc NYC Talent Agency, and she is quite excited to be joining the Apolis Media team as well!

    Her recent credits include the television shows White Collar, Onion SportsDome, and Pokémon; the films Arbitrage, Oh, Sophia, and First Kiss; and the theatrical premieres of Bakwas Bumbug, Dov and Ali, 167 Tongues, and The Woman’s Room. Though she is passionate in particular about character creation and performance, Lipica firmly believes that all good actors must respect and understand the inner workings of production as well. Accordingly, she has also acquired first-hand experience performing each role on a film set and theater production, most recently producing the short film Hiding Games, which was shot on location in Buckhannon, W.V..

    In her spare time, Lipica enjoys cooking, running, crossword puzzles, being outdoors, and anything involving Nutella. As a self-described “academia-nut,” Lipica balances her creative side by working for the American Red Cross Metro New York chapter, where she teaches several levels of First Aid, CPR, AED, and other general and specific preparedness courses to area residents and businesses. She is also a member of ARC/MNY’s Corporate Instructor team, which serves as a consulting group for various area small businesses and large corporations to test, evaluate, and improve their emergency preparedness Business Continuity Plans.

  • Adam Schwartz

    Composer In Residence

    Adam Schwartz is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music producer currently residing in Cambridge, Mass. He has written and recorded over 200 musical works for orchestras, jazz orchestras, chamber groups, rock bands, and electronic ensembles, giving him the vast and varied experience necessary to tackle any film project thrown his way. To hear some of his music, you can visit his website by clicking on our "Partners" page.

  • Steven Pusateri


    Steven is a long-time resident of Chicago, Ill. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Film and Video, specifically focusing his studies on 3D animation. He then further refined his skills by completing the rigorous Character Animation program offered by Animation Mentor. Since then, Steven has worked on numerous projects that have provided him with valuable industry experience, the most notable being his work as a lead animator on the 2009 film Off the Wall, as well as his previous long-time employment with Bamboo Raven studios. As a member of the Apolis team, Steven now offers the benefits of both his well-honed skill and his extensive experience while working alongside the Apolis Animation Department in Chicago.

  • Shane Denhardt


  • Sean Franco


  • Caterina DeAngelis


  • Amy Kelley



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